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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Side Table

  I knew I needed a good side table for beside the glider in the nursery. One day after work last Spring I dropped in the Goodwill at my school and stumbled across this cute little table for $9.99. Oh, did I mention it was a 50% off day? Yep, I bought this little beauty for $4.99 plus tax. :)

Okay… where on earth did my before pictures go? Weird. I know I took some. I was able to crop this blurry one out of another picture so I guess this will have to do.


It was rickety and the stain was peeling off all over the place. It’s an ooooold table. If it weren’t in such bad shape, I might have hesitated before I painted over the thing.

Once again I used my Zinsser Cover Stain primer to cover the whole thing and used Behr Ultra paint in a flat soft white color. After the final coat of paint (about 3 total) I gave it two coats of Polycrylic (a sealer like polyurethane that’s water-based and doesn’t yellow over white paint).

Here it is in the garage (propped up on a bucket so I could get the underside easier).


And the finished product all set up in the nursery! Love it!!!


Not bad for a $5 table and some paint, huh?

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